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A Beautiful Road, A Big Flex: Scout II in Colorado

A beautiful road highlights a weakness of the Scout, we use the new stove for the first time in a year and start a fire, Baxter falls asleep in a hammock.

10 days, 6 states: Scout II

HOT off the presses: 3,200 miles through Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and the San Juan Islands in the Scout with record setting temperatures.

New Legend Wyoming: Scout II

After our first weekend of camping in the Scout, we migrate North with 7 other Scouts to explore the mountains of Wyoming with the New Legend crew and friends. Let's just say... tents were pitched.

The Scout is Alive

The '79 Scout is back from Anything Scout in Ames, Iowa with a new lease on life and it's FAST! New frame, new engine, new suspension, new brakes, new bumper... it's a new truck.

Frozen Pine Needles: 95 Sidekick

While the International Scout waits on a new engine, we decided to take the 'new' 1995 Suzuki Sidekick into the mountains.

Tow Trucks and Tacos: 79 Scout

We sold the Tacoma and got a 1979 International Scout! Our first couple camping trips in the truck weren't necessarily successful, but we learned a lot and are looking forward to getting this thing dialed.

15 days, 4500 miles

GPS tracks, freezing breath, hoodie footies, Disney, and that guy that followed us.

A Slow Leak

Special trail book, impromptu snow camp, little buddy heater, hunting, and what's next.

$13 Dog Walk

Winter is coming, the park pass, holiday road trip, Bangkok and South Africa.

Ground to Air

Engine-less airplanes, washing machines, goodbye Apple, walking in tennis shoes.

Buena Vista

Sleeping with cows, BV Overland, Moto Works, first week of school, and the 'Lake House'.

Steamboat Springs

Michael Jackson's microphone, bikes in Steamboat, soaked in gasoline, and teaching with stories.

Family Reunited

African coffee, the big five, stuffing animals, two motorcycles, and "one million" shillings.

A Forest Without Trees

Adopt an elephant, kiss a giraffe, visit the slums, and ride a 15-year-old motorcycle.

Saw a Pygmy Deer

Audio journals from Africa: tiny planes, safari, cheetahs, lions, elephants, giraffes, you stay in your jeep.

One to Africa, One to Kremmling

Adventure planning tools, paper maps, Gaia GPS, public land, Africa, coffee, let's turn around.

Good Boy, Baxter!

Baxter and needles, the gender unicorn, Colorado trip planning, Africa tour, learning Elixir.

Moving to Denver

Denver, trash, booze, jobs, groceries, pole vaulting.

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